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Tyranno-Sobowo New-designed Electric Kick bike Fat Tire Electric Scooter

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Tyranno-Sobowo New-designed Electric Kick bike Fat Tire Electric Scooter

With the development of the rapidly demands for electric transportations, electric bikes and electric scooters become very common use in street or any other places. Just under such a background, we came up a idea to combine the normal e-bikes and e-scooter. So after the years, our new-designed and patent electric adult kick scooter of model Tyranno was born. 

For our model Tyranno, no matter the materials, components, research & development, testing and production, we all devoted many times, efforts, capitalized cost and energy to make it better and make it reach its best performance.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why This Kickbike Is The Best Electric Scooter:

1. Performace. A beautiful color LCD displays in the mid of handlabr shows your speed, distance traveled and battery capacity. High performance brakes make you stop on a dime. An oversized footplate gives you plenty of room for both feet side by side. Upgraded tires keep you grounded and running smoothly. A powerful 48V 14Ah lithium ion battery will take you 30–40 km per charge (charging time is about 5 hours). The battery secures tightly under the footplate which won't hamper your riding. Besides, we have reserved optimal space from the footplate and ground in order to make it easy and comfortable for people to ride and to ensure the trafficability for some obstacles.

2. Safety. Unlike most electric scooters, Kickbikes have large, bicycle sized wheels with high quality pneumatic tires delivering a smoother, safer ride. Take it over cobble stones, rough roads or even off-road. Kickbike also comes standard with front and back, high performance brakes just like you are used to on your bike.

3. Appearance and Practicability . The hidden battery makes its appearance beautiful. If you don't look it carefully, you will never find this scooter is a electric one. In addition, this Kickbike model is very versatile and easy to ride in daily use. It is sturdy, tough, sexy and can handle just about anything you can throw at it.


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