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Discover The CF5: An Engineering Marvel for Modern Urban Mobility

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Discover The CF5: An Engineering Marvel for Modern Urban Mobility

The CF5 electric bike is a testament to advanced engineering and innovative design, offering riders a seamless blend of power, durability, and convenience. Here's a comprehensive overview of the CF5's standout features that make it an exceptional choice for both urban commuting and adventurous explorations:

Unmatched Power with the Rear Motor

The CF5 is powered by a 250W rear motor with a torque of up to 45NM. This robust motor ensures strong propulsion and superior climbing ability, allowing you to effortlessly conquer steep inclines and challenging terrains. Whether you're commuting through city streets or exploring hilly landscapes, the CF5 guarantees reliable and powerful performance.

Lightweight and Durable Carbon Fiber Frame

Constructed entirely from carbon fiber, including the front fork, the CF5's frame boasts a thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 5mm. This design not only significantly reduces the bike's overall weight, enhancing maneuverability, but also provides exceptional strength and durability compared to aluminum alloy. Carbon fiber can withstand various road conditions, prolonging the bike's lifespan and ensuring rider safety. The integrated battery seat tube, with a thickness of 2mm, further enhances structural stability and gives the bike a sleek, modern look.

Ergonomic Folding Handlebars

The CF5 features folding handlebars made from 6061 aluminum alloy, measuring 620 millimeters in length. The curved design offers a comfortable grip, promoting an optimal riding posture and easy handling. This user-friendly design ensures a pleasant riding experience for all skill levels.

Smooth and Low-Maintenance Belt Drive System

Equipped with a belt drive system, the CF5 offers a smooth and low-maintenance riding experience. Unlike traditional chain drives, the belt drive is quieter, cleaner, and more durable, eliminating the need for regular lubrication and reducing wear and tear. This system also ensures efficient power transfer, enhancing overall riding performance. Whether you're navigating city streets or exploring the countryside, the CF5's belt drive system guarantees a hassle-free and enjoyable ride.

High-Performance City Tires

The CF5 uses Kenda 16*2.125 inch city tires with a smooth surface and dense tread patterns. This design minimizes resistance, boosting speed and efficiency on flat roads while providing ample grip on urban surfaces, enhancing stability during turns. The low friction of these tires contributes to their high durability and extended lifespan.

Robust Double-Layer Rims

The CF5 features high-strength, aluminum alloy double-layer rims known for their strong impact resistance and resistance to deformation. These rims are designed to endure rough terrains, ensuring a safe and smooth ride.

Advanced Hydraulic Braking System

The CF5 is equipped with the Tektro hydraulic brake system HD-E350, which includes a power-off function that immediately cuts power upon braking. This system ensures a perfect braking effect, enhancing rider safety.

Convenient Folding Design

The CF5's folding design offers unparalleled convenience, with dimensions of 840*430*680 MM when folded. This feature allows for easy carrying and storage, making it ideal for daily commuting and travel. The bike can be stored in limited spaces, such as public transportation or offices, providing flexibility and freedom in how you use it.

Long-Lasting Battery Performance

Powered by a 48V 15AH battery equipped with LG power cells, the CF5 ensures long-distance rides without the worry of running out of power. The battery's super standby capability guarantees extended riding times, making it perfect for both short commutes and long adventures.

Efficient Torque Sensor Design

The CF5 utilizes a torque sensor design, providing more efficient energy transmission and direct power output compared to traditional power sensing methods. This design ensures smoother riding with reduced energy wastage, enhancing the bike's stability and maneuverability for a more comfortable and seamless experience.

Enhanced Visibility for Safety

The CF5 is equipped with front headlights and rear taillights installed on both sides of the tires, illuminating your path and enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. This feature improves safety and increases the bike's versatility, allowing you to ride confidently in various lighting environments, whether early in the morning, late at night, or in dimly lit areas.


The CF5 electric bike is a masterpiece of modern engineering, offering unmatched power, durability, and convenience. Its advanced features, from the powerful rear motor to the innovative torque sensor design, ensure a superior riding experience. Whether you're commuting in the city or exploring new terrains, the CF5 is the perfect companion, providing a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride.


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