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Only One Hand Contorl ! Best Electric Kick Bike X7

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Only One Hand Contorl ! Best Electric Kick Bike X7

This X7 is an upgraded version of the X5, with greater power and torque, allowing you to climb easily and ignore any road conditions.

750W BAFANG rear motor, torque up to 80NM. Branded high power motor, safe and secure, with strong climbing ability.

Use KINGKONG 48V 20AH battery, equipped with LG 21700 power cell, super standby, long-distance movement is not a problem. Hidden pull-down battery design makes the whole scooter more concise.

In order to meet your various needs, our R&D department has undergone several experiments and adjustments, and finally formed the X7, The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. The battery tube adopts Integrated Molding Process for Water Injection Tubes. The maximum pipe wall thickness is 4.5 MM, and the minimum pipe wall thickness is 3.8 MM. The strong pipe structure gives you the best safety guarantee. The whole scooter waterproof treatment to effectively prevent splashing water.

The handlebar is made of aluminum alloy 6061, with optional length and handlebar shape, easy to operate and comfortable to ride, And an LCD screen that displays battery power, mileage, and speed, and the motor can be started by twisting the throttle on the handlebar. Thumb throttle, simple and easy to operate, allowing you to get started quickly and make your riding smoother

We also have upgrade service for the front fork. The 24-inch MOZO front fork and the 24-inch exsho front fork are well-known brands. Compared with other unknown brands front forks, quality guaranteed, good shock absorption. The 24*4.0 inch front tire and 20*4.0 inch rear tire are both from Kenda, Taiwan, The tire studs are wide and can effectively prevent punctures, Pneumatic tires, height 50MM, with built-in shock absorption effect, reduce impact force. Different front and rear fat tire sizes adapt to various terrains and provide improved performance. The 24-inch front tire enables better balance and shock absorption, giving you enhanced comfort on uneven ground. The 20-inch rear tire enhances flexibility and agility, providing you with faster response times when dealing with various situations and ensuring your safety. We use aluminum alloy double-layer rims, which are high-strength, strong impact resistance, not easy to deform. These designs minimize the impact of bumpy roads such as mountains.

The full suspension design makes the X7's performance even better. The suspension front fork and dual rear suspension give you a more comfortable riding experience, so you don't have to worry about road conditions.

At the same time, we also use Tektro Hydraulic brake system HD-E350 is equipped with 203MM disc brake. It has its own power-off function, and the power will be cut off immediately after braking. The perfect braking effect ensures your riding safety.

Super fun, super convenient, X7 GO! Explore the fun in life!


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