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SOBOWO at the 2024 China Cycle Show: Leading Innovation, Shaping Brilliance!

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SOBOWO at the 2024 China Cycle Show: Leading Innovation, Shaping Brilliance!

The 2024 China Cycle Show emerged as a vibrant gathering within the industry, with manufacturers unveiling their latest offerings. Among them, SOBOWO, a leading brand in the electric bicycle sector, once again took center stage with its exceptional performance and trendsetting demeanor.

At this show, a series of eye-catching electric bike models were showcased, each demonstrating our company's expertise in technological research and design innovation. Particularly notable were the WN01 Pro, boasting dual 2000W motors and 40AH dual batteries with a reverse function, and the powerful electric mountain bike W09, tailored for various mountainous terrains. Additionally, the latest CF5, a carbon fiber ultra-light foldable electric city bike, garnered attention for its innovative design and outstanding performance. Furthermore, the WF01, designed for petite riders, and the latest cargo bike W17, capable of carrying two children simultaneously, underscored our company's technical prowess and innovative capabilities in the electric bicycle domain, injecting vibrancy and vitality into the show.

Our booth became a hot spot during the show, attracting numerous gazes and inquiries. We patiently addressed a variety of questions from visitors, highlighting the features and advantages of our products. The atmosphere at the show was enthusiastic, with participants actively engaging in discussions.

The success of the show not only validates the hard work of our team but also instills confidence and motivation for our future endeavors. SOBOWO achieved notable growth during the show, with a 37.5% increase in customer engagement compared to last year, including a 27% increase in international customers and a 33% increase in domestic customers. This achievement has laid a solid foundation for our company's future development and reflects our team's dedication and commitment.

Behind the success of the show lies the hard work and boundless enthusiasm of all SOBOWO employees. As a leading enterprise in the electric bicycle field, SOBOWO will continue to uphold the principles of innovation, quality, and service, continuously enhancing product quality and user experience, and collaborating with customers to shape a brighter future for the electric vehicle industry!


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