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Sobowo QC Procedure Chart


Incoming Quality Control

There are many components on electric bikes, such as frames, batteries, motors, controllers, forks, brakes, shifters, and so on. All bike parts we purchased are from well-know professional manufacturers such as Bafang, Tektro, Shimano, etc.

When these parts arrive in our factory, our inspectors will check the quality and specifications of them according to inspection rates specified by SOBOWO. Only those qualified parts will enter into our warehouse.

When it comes to assemble process, the relevant staff will pick up those required components from the warehouse and will check quality and and specifications again.


Input Process Quality Control

Before mass production, workers will be trained and grouped. Meanwhile, all required materials and tools should be stand-by.

Before mass production, a sample will be assembled and tested to ensure the production standard and quality of the bulk order.

During the assembly process, the inspector will supervise the production line to prevent some problems.

Relevant clerks will check whether the information card of each bike is consistent with the bike information, such as the frame number, motor number, and battery number, and enter them into the computer to facilitate subsequent after-sales tracking.


Final Quality Control

This is the most important part of QC. In this step, the quality inspectors will conduct visual inspection, function inspection and performance inspection on the bike according to SOBOWO inspection standards or customer-specified requirements (see Annex 1 for the English version).

Visual inspection, such as checking for scratches on the frame; functional inspections include whether components such as batteries, motors, lights, etc. can work normally; performance inspections include, such as road block riding testing, climbing tests, whether the speed settings meet customer requirements, brake testing, shifting testing, etc. .

For unqualified bikes, we will hang cards of different colors and mark the problems, and the workers will rework them and test again. The qualified ones will be stamped with the “Qualified” seal.

Inspection Before Shipping

When the bikes are finished, we will package them. Our QC team will double check to make sure no missing accessories such as chargers, fenders, pedals, hardware, etc.

Also all the carton labels should be checked to meet the customers’ requirements or related shipping standards.

Besides, Sobowo inspectors will confirm the carton sizes, logos, quantities will meet the shipping requirements.

Frame Testing

All of our frames must pass frame test and get the test report. The frame factory will provide the test report, including 1. Vibration Strength Fatigue Test. 2. Stepping Fatigue Test. 3. Horizontal Fatigue Test (Head Tube Compression Fatigue) 4. Vertical Fatigue Test.

Frame paint must also go through a 100 cell test and a ball drop impact test to make sure the painting won’t fall off easily.

Testing Facilities

  Battery charge and discharge testing equipment.
  Equipment for testing electrical parts voltage and matching such as motors, controllers, displays, lighting devices.
  Riding Test. Climbing Test.
  Controller Testing and Software Confirmation
  Sample Confirmation and Testing Before Mass Production

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