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    JOMA electric mountain bike beach cruiser 48v dual motor e bicycle 1000w torque sensor bafang ebike

    750W SOBOWO rear motor, torque up to 80NM; In order to implement our company's customer first, the concept of serving global customers. The whole bike can be equipped with all BAFANG&SOBOWO motors including 1000W. The super OEM capability makes us not limited to changes in power. We also support dual-drive upgrades, sensing device upgrades and brake upgrades, no matter you choose high-power dual-drive torque Sensing or low-power single-drive speed sensing, we will definitely give you the best solution and the best service experience.

    At the same time, We Use Kun Peng 48V 30AH, equipped with LG 21700 power cell, super standby, long-distance movement is not a problem.

    In order to meet your various needs while ensuring your safety, our R&D department has undergone several experiments and adjustments, and finally formed the S12-R. The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, the wall thickness of the battery down tube is 5MM, the wall thickness of upper and lower fork pipes is 2MM, and the wall thickness of the up tube is 3MM, it adopts a beautiful and strong Integrated Water Injection Tubes. The complex curved surface not only makes the whole bike beautiful and generous, but also distributes the pressure caused by bumps, providing you with excellent support and shock absorption, the outer diameter of the middle tube is 35MM, providing you with excellent support, and the maximum load is 150KG.

    The S12-R with Pedal Assist makes uphill easier while delivering all the performance and handling you want on the downhill. And the extra power added by the speed sensor makes your riding easier and more enjoyable.

    The length of the handlebar is 740MM, and it is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which is easy to operate and comfortable to ride. It is equipped with an LCD screen that displays battery power, mileage, and speed, and the motor can be started by twisting the throttle on the handlebar.

    We also have upgrade service for the front fork. The 26-inch MOZO hydraulic front fork and the 26-inch RST hydraulic front fork are well-known brands, quality guaranteed, good shock absorption. The 26*4.0-inch tires are from Kenda, Taiwan. The tire studs are wide and can effectively prevent punctures. with built-in shock absorption effect, reduce impact force. We use aluminum alloy double-layer rims, which are high-strength, strong impact resistance, not easy to deform. These designs minimize the impact of bumpy roads such as mountains.

    The Shimano 8 Speed Gear System is the best option for riding at varying speeds. It has a derailleur, which enables the chain to change between sprockets to shift gears. From one to eight, with gear one being the easiest to pedal and gear eight being the hardest, you can adjust your uphill and downhill rides and make your journey safe and enjoyable. The 32-tooth gear is equipped with HYPERGLIDE+ technology, allowing you to Shift gears for speed and smoothness on any terrain.

    Tektro mechanical brake or upgrade to a higher-end hydraulic brake system HD-E350, 203MM disc brake. It has its own power-off function, and the power will be cut off immediately after braking. The perfect braking effect ensures your riding safety

    S12-R lets you know what is the gap between electric mountain bicycles!!!

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