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The Perfect Fusion of Power& Portability

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The Perfect Fusion of Power& Portability

FLEX is a newly designed electric bicycle that aims to provide outstanding performance and portability, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of riding whether in the city or on adventures afar. Below, we will introduce the main features and advantages of FLEX.

Strong Power and Superior Climbing Ability:
FLEX is equipped with a 250W rear motor with torque up to 45NM, providing strong power and excellent climbing ability, whether navigating through the city or tackling rugged mountain trails.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame:
FLEX features a frame made of carbon fiber material, offering excellent strength and durability while significantly reducing the overall weight of the bike for effortless handling. The integrated battery seat tube design further enhances the stability of the vehicle and presents a sleek appearance.

User-friendly Folding Handlebars:
FLEX features folding handlebars made of aluminum alloy, measuring 620 millimeters in length, providing a comfortable grip for maintaining a good riding posture and easy operation, whether for daily commuting or long-distance travel.

Smooth and Low-Maintenance Transmission System:
FLEX comes equipped with a belt drive transmission system,offering a smooth and low-maintenance riding experience. Additionally, the option of a chain drive transmission is available to cater to different customer preferences, ensuring a better shopping experience and riding sensation.

High-Performance Tires and Rims:
FLEX features 16*2.125 inch tires from Kenda, Taiwan, with wide tire studs and built-in shock absorption effect, providing a stable riding experience. The aluminum alloy double-layer rims offer high strength and impact resistance, ensuring the stability and durability of the wheels.

Safe and Reliable Braking System and Lighting Equipment:
FLEX is equipped with Tektro Hydraulic brake system HD-E350, featuring a power-off function for perfect braking effect, enhancing riding safety. Front headlights and rear taillights illuminate your path, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring safe riding in various lighting environments.

Portable Folding Design:
FLEX features a portable folding design with compact folding dimensions for easy carrying and storage. Whether for daily commuting or adventurous travel, FLEX meets your needs and can be easily stored in limited spaces, such as public transportation or within the office.
Ride smoother, maintain effortlessly, and commute confidently with FLEX, prioritizing stability and low maintenance for your everyday journeys.


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